Having watched the ‘Harmonium tutorial: Introduction’ video which is located below I have had a go myself experimenting with droning the root and fifth notes



                VERSE ONE


Ņ Ņ             Ņ                ŅŅ                RR                 RR                  R            RR       GR

RR              M                GM               DM                DM                M           MM      DD

Hare      Krishna           Hare            Krishna        Krishna        Krishna        Hare    Hare




Ņ Ņ              Ņ                 ŅŅ             RR                 RR                  R         RR          GR

RR               M                 GM            DM                DM                M         MM        DD

Hare        Rama              Hare           Rama            Rama           Rama        Hare      Hare  




                                                VERSE TWO


R                 R                RR                 RR                  R              RRR          GG         GG

D                D                ND                 DM                M             DMG         DD        DD

Hare      Krishna           Hare            Krishna        Krishna        Krishna        Hare    Hare




R                 R                  RR               RR                  R               RRR            GG       GG

D                 D                 ND               DM                M              DMG          DD       DD 

Hare        Rama              Hare              Rama          Rama           Rama          Hare     Hare  


The above notation gives the basic notes that are played throughout the Kirtan.